There’s Still Life Pt.3

Photographic Series (2018)

An extension of ‘There’s Still Life’ these works delve deeper into storytelling and portraiture with the act of remembrance being key. 

There’s Still Life  (Portrait Of Jane Doe)

There’s Still Life (Portrait Of Jane Doe)

Portrait Of Jane Doe is a representation of the one in four Australian adults that experience loneliness. Often there are no portraits of those lost within our communities. With no figure to be seen we place into the image our neighbour, family or ourselves and in doing so experience in some way the feelings that accompany this isolation. 

There’s Still Life  (The Poole Room)

There’s Still Life (The Poole Room)

His possessions still line the dusty bar, a place where he spent his days brewing beer and placing bets. His handwritten notes still pinned to the wall. Jasmine’s grandfather Peter Poole’s bar still sits as it had over 20 years ago. 

The sentimentality of objects can be seen in the tradition of passing down keepsakes, a way of preserving memories, holding on to stories. The importance of objects lies in their past histories.